What do I need to prepare to begin this Journey?

1. Do you have design pictures of the piece of furniture you are looking for? We can work together to narrow down what you are looking for, but, we will need to establish what exactly you are looking for so I can set proper expectations

2. Do you know what type of finish you would like? Painted or stained?

3. We will need to decide on what type of surface finish you are looking for. For paint: Gloss, Semi Gloss, Matte. For stain: Varnish, poly, Epoxy, wax.

To get started on creating a one of a kind project for your home there are a few things that you need to know:

1. I am not a production builder. My work is carefully planned and often times uniquely designed.

2. I know what I am good at and where I am not. If the project is not the right fit, I will do my best to help you find someone that will be able to help.

3. I build for quality. I don't see any reason to build furniture that is not the best quality. 

How To Get Started

When you are ready I cannot wait to hear from you! Click the link below and we will begin the biggest and mose exciting project ever!